Graphics Issue For Anushka!

By - August 13, 2020 - 08:58 AM IST

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'Nishadam' is the upcoming film of star heroine Anushka. The movie was supposed to hit the screens in summer but the makers had to postpone it due to the lockdown. 


The latest talk says that the makers have sold the film to a leading OTT player for the direct release. Meanwhile, there is a talk going on regarding the visual effects of the film. Grapevine says that visual effects are extensively used to show Anushka in a slim avatar. The same thing was done for 'Bahubali 2' as well. But visual effects company hired for 'Nishabam' could not do the slimming process for Anushka in the combination scenes with Shalini Pandey. When they are trying to make Anushka slimmer, Shalini Pandey is becoming slimmer which is spoiling certain scenes in the movie. They have informed the same to the makers.  


When Anushka was informed about it, she is saying that it is in the agreement to show her slim with the help of visual effects and she is demanding the same. On the other hand, OTT guys are also not very happy with the present output because it will lack continuity in the appearance of Anushka. It has become a challenge for the makers to solve this issue now. Either they have to re-shoot some portions and then go for visual effects for the continuity or they have to leave the scenes as they are.


On the other hand, the makers closed the business for approximately Rs. 24 crores including OTT rights, satellite rights and others.  The inside talk is that the makers may touch breakeven mark with these deals because of the high remuneration lead actors, interests for the delay, and the complete abroad shoot have increased the budget.

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