Tollywood Celebrities Convey Their Independence Day Wishes

By - August 15, 2020 - 10:25 AM IST

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Today, we are celebrating 74th Independence Day. This is the day to remember our ancestors' struggles which were made to attain independence. On this occasion, many Tollywood celebrities have conveyed their wishes to fellow citizens. Here are their tweets.


Happy 74th Independence Day to ALL!! Let's recall the sacrifices & ideals of our founding fathers and make this precious freedom they earned for us count!

Mahesh Babu:

The day that marked the dawn of a new beginning... When Independence became our greatest victory! May this freedom lead our way. Let's always be grateful. Happy #IndependenceDay to all my fellow Indians! Jai Hind

Allu Arjun:

Happy Independence Day to my fellow Indians. Deep Gratitude in our hearts for those who sacrificed their lives for us. Jai Hind!

Ram Charan:

Wishing each and everyone a very Happy #IndependenceDay !! Salute to the warriors who are fighting on the borders of our nation and the warriors who are fighting to keep the pandemic at bay. May we get past these hurdles and thrive as a nation !!

Jr. NTR:

74వ స్వాతంత్ర దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు. Wishing everyone a #HappyIndependenceDay. Jai Hind

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