Singer Noel Announces Divorce With Actress Esther

By - September 01, 2020 - 11:26 AM IST

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Noel Sean is a popular singer who needs no introduction. The singer has worked on a lot of interesting projects and he even worked as an actor. Now, the singer surprised everyone by announcing his divorce with actress Esther. Both worked together on a film Drushti which is yet to release. During the making, they fell in love and got married.


They got married in January, last year. After six months of married life, they decided to part ways. In June, they applied for divorce on Mutual Consent basis. The court has granted the divorce officially now. Both Noel and Esthe announced the same officially on social media.


"I am Officially Divorced! After a long hard silence, today I officially announce my divorce with Ester. We were waiting for courts decision to make it public. We had our differences which led to this & finally we decided to end this only to save the grace of this beautiful relationship. God bless you Ester & may all your dreams come true, wishing you nothing but the best. I request everyone to be supportive of this at this point of time & help us to heal from it. It will always be a beautiful phase of my life & I thank God for each & every day in it. I request everyone not to bother her or my family in any ways & I want to thank my family,friends & everyone who stood by me in my dark days. But Yes God Is Good All The Time & I Believe This Is A Great New Beginning! God Bless!" posted Noel.


“Finally... Here's the answer to the most frequently asked question to me in the last 1 year... which many of you have speculated, guessed and even discussed on the comments of my posts for a very long time now and are eagerly waiting for my response or confirmation...YES. WE ARE OFFICIALLY DIVORCED. I've been patiently waiting to do this for more than a year now... but didn't want to do so before it was legal and official. Noel and I got married on the 3rd of January 2019 and soon after we had several irreconcilable compatibility issues due to which we had separated within a few days and finally filed for a MUTUAL DIVORCE in June 2019. Since then it has been a quiet, patient wait until yesterday when our plea got finally granted by the court." revealed Esther.

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