Shocking facts surfaces in Kannada industry's drugs issue.

By - September 12, 2020 - 12:00 PM IST

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Drugs issue is currently shaking the Kannada film industry as well. Already, the police officials have arrested Ragini Dwivedi in connection to the same. Now, we came to know that Sanjjana Galrani is also in the police custody. The actress has been taken away by the cops very recently.


During the police investigation, it is revealed that there are ten flats on the actress' name in Bangalore. All of them value around 25 crores. With the success and track record of the actress, it is impossible for the actress to buy these properties. She usually gets less remuneration. The police officials are now probing the issue in this angle as well. There is the angle of Hawala in this case too.


The cops are investigating Sanjjana and Ragini separately. The reports reveal us that the actresses are not cooperating well with the investigation. More details will come out soon.

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