Bigg Boss Telugu 4: 9 Members In The Nominations

By - September 15, 2020 - 09:09 AM IST

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The episode starts with Monal and Akhil making Rotis in the kitchen and Monal asking the latter to sing a song. Later, in the midnight, Abhijeet and Monal have a small talk. It seems like a triangular love story is brewing between Abhijeet, Monal, and Akhil in the Bigg Boss house.

During the midnight, the newcomer Kumar Sai entered the Bigg Boss house secretly. Devi saw him first and everyone introduces themselves to the new housemate.

The day starts with everyone in the house dancing for 'Colourful Chilaka' song from Express Raja.

Monal tries to explain that there was confusion and she wanted to save Divi last night by giving water to her. Later, Divi learns a song from Gangavva.

Monal and Abhijeet sort out the issue between them. Monal then asks Akhil why he was not talking to her properly. He doesn't answer her and she cries in anger and leaves.

Bigg boss announces that there should be a ration manager in the house who has to manage the ration in the house. House captain Lasya elects Amma Rajasekhar as a Ration Manager of the house for this week. Rajasekhar has to distribute the ration to the housemates whenever needed as per the rules.

Abhijeet says that his life funda is never to make a second attempt if he knows that another person is interested. It seemed like both of them were talking about Monal. For the nominations procedure, Bigg Boss arranged a boat in the garden area. Apart from Lasya, the house captain, the rest of the candidates should sit in the boat. After every buzzer, one housemate has to get down the boat and they will get nominated for eliminations this week. To avoid unnecessary disputes, the housemates decided to get down the boat voluntarily.

First, Gangavva gets down the boat and goes into nominates. Later, Noel followed by Monal, Sohal, Karate Kalyani, Amma Rajasekhar, Kumar Sai, Harika, and Abhijeet gets down the boat one by one and entered the nominations.

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