Justice Needed For Mr And Mrs Siva Balaji!

By - September 16, 2020 - 05:00 PM IST

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Though state government issued an order for regulation of school fees considering this pandemic situation, several private schools are still collecting exorbitant fees by offering online classes. The pandemic has resulted in jobs cuts and pay cuts in several sectors. Yet, parents are financing the school fees without raising any voice.

But, a Telugu film actor Siva Balaji has decided not to stay silent about this issue. Earlier this week, Siva Balaji filed a legal complaint with Telangana State Human Rights Commission about exorbitant fees being collected by a private school at Manikonda in Hyderabad.

The winner of Bigg Boss Telugu season-1 has accused that private school in which his children are studying is demanding unreasonably high fees from parents in spite of G.O 46 brought in government for regulation of school fees. After filing the case with HRC, the actor spoke to media saying that the school is conducting “fabricated” pre mid-term tests with an intention to collect term fees from parents. Siva Balaji and wife Madhumitha have decided to come out in public after the school declined to respond concerns (related to fees) of parents of 240+ children.

"When we questioned the management, they are threatening us in multiple ways and blocking IDs of students. Since I am questioning, they had cut off online link for my children," said Siva Balaji by adding that school is violating all the regulations of state government. Angered with what school management did to his children, the actor warned management - "Now that the school has declined online classes for my children, I will take them online classes."

While several parents are tight-lipped about this burning topic, Siva Balaji and wife Madhumitha are really doing an appreciable job and voicing out the pain of parents who're suffering to pay large amount of fees to private schools during this troubling times. Let us hope Siva Balaji gets justice for the fight he's put up.

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