Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 14: Amma Rajasekhar Deeply Hurt With Lasya's Comments

By - September 20, 2020 - 01:36 PM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna's grand entry and the contestants participated in a photo session task with Oppo F17 pro mobile. Nagarjuna called Gangavva into the confession room and asked if she wants to continue and how she is feeling. Gangavva said she is fine now and can continue in the house.
Nagarjuna taunted the housemates for not taking nominations seriously and voluntarily going into the nominations. He asked the contestants to pick a hero and zero in the house. Noel voted Amma Rajashekar as the hero and Kumar Sai as zero. Sujatha claimed that Amma Rajashekar as a hero and Karate Kalyani as zero.
Devi voted Ariyana as a hero and got emotional talking about her. She said that the game is going on a comedy track and overdosage of comedy is also not good. She said all Amma Rajashekar does is bad comedy. She said that she didn't like how everyone are not taking their professions seriously. Devi called Amma Rajashekar as a biased person who is favorable only to a particular group of contestants and he hates her.
Mehboob voted Lasya as the hero and Kumar Sai as zero. Kumar Sai said Noel as zero and Abhijeet as the hero. Harika said Abhijeet as a hero and Kumar Sai as zero. Lasya picked Gangavva as hero and Amma Rajashekar as zero. She said that there would be a limit for comedy as well. Amma Rajashekar said that he wants to go but Nagarjuna rejects him claiming that only the audience can take that decision. Amma Rajashekar kneels down and gets very emotional.
Sohel, Noel, and a couple of contestants make him sit and tried to console him. Lasya falls on Amma Rajashekar's legs but he kept on crying. Gangavva said that Amma Rajashekar should stay in the house. Karate Kalyani said Sujatha as zero and Gangavva as a hero. Akhil selected Gangavva as a hero and Kumar Sai as zero. Ariyana said Gangavva is the hero Kalyani as zero. Avinash picked Amma Rajashekar as the hero and Kumar Sai as zero.
Nagarjuna appreciated Divi for taking care of Gangavva. Divi picked Amma Rajashekar as a hero and said that he is a very genuine person and the house needs a person like him. She added that she didn't find anything wrong with him giving her an extra pillow. Gangavva said Amma Rajashekar is a hero and Kumar Sai is a zero. Abhijeet picked Gangavva as the hero and Ariyana as zero.
Amma Rajashekar picked Noel as Hero and Devi as zero. Monal also voted Ganga for Hero and Kumar Sai for zero. When Lasya tried to explain, Divi lashed out at her claiming that she will understand only if she picks out her name in front of everyone and said 'Shut up' which triggered Lasya who yells at her, 'Mind your tongue please'.
Nagarjuna gave a shock to the contestants by saying that there are two eliminations this week and Karate Kalyani is the one who got eliminated today. The episode ended with the contestants sending her off. Nagarjuna claimed that he will meet her tomorrow on Sunday. Also, Harika will get eliminated tomorrow but will be kept in a secret room for a while.

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