Bigg Boss Season 4: 7 Members In Nominations For Third Week

By - September 22, 2020 - 08:49 AM IST

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The episode started with the contestants dancing for 'Mukkaala Mukabula' song. In the morning, Harika had a small conversation with Abhijeet and Divi about the task yesterday. Abhijeet said that he poured color water in Monal's beaker as he thought that Harika is a better contestant, a good contributor, and a better entertainer than Monal. Harika said that Mehboob nominated her claiming that Monal is a strong contender which really hurt her ego.

While talking to Ariyana, Amma Rajasekhar said that Devi attached him personally in yesterday's task which is not at all correct. When Ariyana tried to convince him saying that they will one day become good friends by the end of the show. But Amma Rajashekar said that Devi is the biggest enemy to him in his life. Ariyana asked Sohel to clean the table but the latter rejected it saying that he will do it after an hour. When Ariyana tried to point out the same, Lasya said that they are in the cleaning department, so they should be the ones to clean it. This incident created a rift between Sohel and Ariyana.

Bigg Boss asked the house captain Noel to pick the ration manager this week. Noel picked Abhijeet as the ration manager. In the night, Bigg Boss started the nomination task and asked every contestant to come and throw the pictures of two contestants into the fire for nomination. Being the house captain, Bigg Boss asked Noel to start the task and send one contestant directly into the nominations. Noel directly nominated Lasya for elimination. Mehboob nominated Ariyana and Harika. Devi nominated Amma Rajasekhar and Kumar Sai. Harika nominated Mehboob and Sujatha. Avinash nominated Mehboob and Harika.

Divi nominated Monal and Kumar Sai. Abhijeet nominated Ariyana and Sujatha. Kumar Sai nominated Mehboob and Akhil. Gangavva nominated Kumar Sai and Monal. Amma Rajashekhar nominated Ariyana and Kumar Sai. Monal nominated Ariyana and Divi. Akhil nominated Kumar Sai and Ariyana. Sohel nominated Ariyana and Kumar Sai. Lasya nominated Kumar Sai and Ariyana. Ariyana nominated Monal and Mehboob.

Finally, Devi, Lasya, Ariyana, Kumar Sai, Mehboob, Monal, and Harika went into the nominations. The promo showcased that the house will become chaotic with intense fights in tomorrow's task.

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