Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 17: Physical Task Creates Curiosity

By - September 23, 2020 - 10:02 AM IST

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Bigg Boss gives 'Ukku Hrudayam' task to the contestants. The housemates will get divided into the humans team and robots team. If all the robots die, then the humans' team will win the task. But, even if one of the robots is alive, then the robots will win the task. The humans' team should be in the garden area. Gas, water, and access to the house will be under the control of the robots. Over time, the charging for the robots will get reduced. But, only humans can charge robots. Humans by giving charging to the robots can get access to gas, water, etc. There is a silver ball in the garden area and if the humans can break the ball, then one of the robots will die. But the humans should intimate the name of the robot before breaking the ball. Robots can try to protect the silver ball. If a robot dies, then he or she cannot get revived again. The needs of humans are dependent on the robots whereas the lives of the robots are dependent on humans. Bigg Boss also claimed that one of the winning team members will get a chance to become the house captain next week.

Humans team: Akhil, Amma Rajashekar, Mehboob, Divi, Noel, Sujatha, Monal and Sohel.

Robots team: Abhijeet, Devi, Lasya, Avinash, Kumar Sai, Gangavva, Harika, and Ariyana.

Sohel and Noel tried to steal the food before the game. The ration manager Abhijit tried to stop them. But, the start bell rings and they ran. Humans team decides to kill Devi by breaking the ball. The robots team keep Gangavva to guard the silver ball. The humans' team calls it cheating as they can't reach the ball now. Sohel tried to provoke them saying if they don't have enough capability to defend. However, the girls from the robots team laughs it off and said that it is true. After a huge stampede, the humans' team succeeded in breaking the ball killing Devi.

The charging of the robots team gets reduced by 1 point. But, the robots team decided not to ask for charging anytime soon as humans themselves will approach them for utilities. The humans' team without asking for food, feed themselves with the food they stole before the beginning of the task. The guys from the humans' team cover the cameras for the girls to pee in the garden area which made the robots team fume in anger. However, the Bigg Boss instructed them not to cover the cameras which gave a sense of relaxation for the robots team.

In the night, the robots team approaches the humans' team and claimed that there had been no exchange of utilities and charging which is also a part of the game. But, the humans' team doesn't approve it and said that they took it as a test of resistance and they will not give up.

At the midnight, all the contestants wished a happy birthday to Avinash. The charging of the robots gets reduced again. Ariyana said that after Bigg Boss' announcement of cameras, she heard the humans team talking about doing their bathroom needs under the bedsheets. Ariyana added that she wants to have a fight and take their bedsheets. Abhijeet disagrees with her.

In the promo, it seems like Divi went into the living room and the robots team locked her up and tried to get charging. The humans' team outside the door are lashing out at the robots team.

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