Bigg Boss Telugu 4: 'Ukku Hrudayam' Task Generates Fun & Entertainment

By - September 24, 2020 - 10:30 AM IST

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The episode started with Abhijeet coming up with a plan of kidnapping a member from the human team. First Gangavva goes to the human team and asks them to come in but Noel and Akhil rejected his offer. Later, Abhijeet comes and says that he can give a bathroom in the bedroom area for the girls for free. Divi said that she will come and goes in. Abhijeet locks the door and as soon as Divi comes out of the bathroom, the robot team attacked her and held her tightly.

Observing this, the humans' team got alert and started screaming at them for playing such tactics. Gangavva feeds Divi. Sohel made a fuss that none of them didn't ask him before sending Divi in. Mehboob and Sohel even used cuss words standing outside the door. After so many heated arguments, the robots team opened the door and the humans barged in.  

Divi assured them that she is fine and they didn't hurt her. When Noel asked why she screamed like that, she claimed that she wanted the team members to come in but later realized that the door was closed.

Sohel, Noel, and Mehboob claimed that it is wrong that the robots should not forcibly get the charging and the robots team tried to convince that they didn't hurt anyone and they got a point from Bigg Boss as it is not so wrong. Sohel and Ariyana also get into a heated argument and Sohel yelled at her. Sohel also lashed out on Abhijeet but the latter without losing his cool claimed that he had enough of hi tantrums and if he still has anything to tell, he can tell the same reasons and nominate him.

The humans' team goes out again. Lasya said that they should offer food to them for free but Avinash denies it claiming that they should give charging in exchange for food. Ariyana raises a point that the humans' team should themselves come to the robots and give charging. Harika and Ariyana also have a disagreement regarding charging.

Ariyana takes a blanket and goes into the living area by hiding herself with the blanket. She wanted to hide there and get charging. However, Sohel saw her and Ariyana said that she just wanted to play the game. Tomorrow's promo hinted that Avinash took charge of Amma Rajashekar without his knowledge.

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