Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 19: Noel Gets Jail Punishment

By - September 25, 2020 - 08:40 AM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing for 'Mind Block' song from 'Sarileru Neekevvaru' in the morning. Avinash asked the humans team to give charging to him and he will allow one of the team members to use the washroom. But, Sohel and Mehboob rejected the offer. The charging of the robots team got reduced again.

Ariyana forgot her mic in the bathroom and Big Boss asked her to wear it. The human's team got ready in the garden area to fight with the robots team. Avinash comes out and sits with Amma Rajasekhar and Divi. Avinash secretly took the charging from Amma Rajasekhar. But after some time, Divi observed it and Amma Rajasekhar took the charging plug back. Sohel and Mehboob made fun of Amma Rajasekhar. Avinash's charging got increased by 1 point and the robot team appreciated him.

Sujatha wanted to go to the washroom but the robot team asked to give charging to two robots and she agreed. But Sohel and Mehboob claimed that she doesn't have to give charging to two people. Amma Rajasekhar also scolded Avinash that he can never succeed in his life and he doesn't want to talk to a backstabbing person like him ever in his life.

The robots team went to take their mics and the humans team came into the garden area and the humans' team attacked them. At the washroom, Monal stole the robot uniform of Gangavva and the latter lashed out at her. Monal arrogantly pushed Ariyana away and yelled at her. The humans' team tried to take the mic of Lasya as well and both Monal and Lasya fell. Gangavva gave an earful to Monal again for her behavior.

Except for Gangavva and Abhijeet, all the robots died because of less charging. The end bell rang and Big Boss announced that the task got completed and as Abhijeet and Gangavva still has one point charging left, the robot team won the task.

Monal said that she cannot work in the kitchen department as Abhijeet is the ration manager and she can't face him yet as she got deeply hurt with his behavior. However, Noel tried to convince her saying that it is just a part of the game and she should not take decisions because of one day. The housemates picked Abhijeet, Avinash, Gangavva, and Harika as the best performers who are now eligible for the captaincy task. The housemates decided Noel as the worst performer and Big Boss sent him to jail.

The promo episode hinted that a new contestant is going to enter the Bigg Boss house.

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