Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 21: Monal & Lasya are safe!

By - September 27, 2020 - 07:11 PM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna paying his tribute to music legend SP Balasubrahmanyam. Talking to Lasya and Gangavva, Sujatha said that Kumar Sai might get eliminated this week.


Gangavva said that Akhil is like her adopted child. Nagarjuna welcomed the new housemate of the Bigg Boss house, Swathi Deekshith. As per the task, Nagarjuna first called Harika and asked who is not at all a strong contender in the house. Harika said that it is Kumar Sai. Nagarjuna asked Monal, who is Narada in the house and Monal replied that it will be Sohel.


When asked about the liar in the house, Lasya said that it is Monal. Nagarjuna asked why the humans team killed Devi by breaking the silver balls, she said that they might have thought that she is a strong and sharp candidate in the house. When asked which eliminated contestant will she swap with one of the housemates, Devi said that it is Kumar Sai. When asked Ariyana about the most irritating candidate in the house, she said that it is Sohel. When asked who is unfit to stay in this house, Mehboob said that all the contestants are at least trying to be the best but Kumar Sai is not at all utilizing at least one of the opportunities.


Nagarjuna asked him about his conversation with Sohel, Mehboob tried to cover it up saying that the rest of the guys connected more with girls but he connected more with Sohel. Nagarjuna asked Kumar Sai about the fake person.


Kumar Sai said that Abhijeet behaves like a two-faced person and badmouthed him and Akhil which he did not like. The housemates gave 'Maha Nayakudu' title to Abhijeet, 'Mahanati' title to Gangavva, and 'Maha Kantri' title to Avinash. Later, Nagarjuna gave another task to the housemates that everyone should tell the bad qualities of a contestant.


Monal said that the bad quality in Akhil is that he is short-tempered. Devi called Gangavva a biased person who only likes and supports particular people. The episode ended with Monal going into the safe zone.

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