Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 25: Amma Rajasekhar Fires On Sohel Ryan

By - October 01, 2020 - 11:00 AM IST

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The episode started with Sohel trying to steal Harika's coins in the kitchen but the latter came and stopped him. Mehboob and Amma Rajashekar had a small fight and Sohel tried to convince both and cool down the issue. But, Amma Rajashekar didn't show much interest. In the previous episode, Divi stole Kumar Sai's coins and now, she returned them back. When Kumar Sai asked the reason behind her action, she just brushed it away claiming they should talk after the task.

Harika and Abhijeet had a little talk in the garden area. Harika asked why he gave his coins to another person (Swathi) when she and Noel are in need of them. Abhijeet apologized to her but she said that it will take some time for her to become normal. All the contestants packed their coins and have been carrying them everywhere.

Throughout the night, Sohel and Mehboob tried to steal coins from the housemates who have been sleeping. Coins fall again. A coin with 'switch' written on it also fell and Mehboob picked it up. But, he thought it is useless and he throws it away. Sujatha picked it up. Later, Bigg Boss revealed that it is a power coin which has a special benefit. Sohel taunted Mehboob for throwing it.

Sohel and Mehboob stored the coins under a blanket in the garden area. Bigg Boss asked the contestants not to dry the clothes on promotional banners. But, Sohel and Mehboob said that they won't remove the blanket. Abhijeet had a spat with them and Amma Rajashekar backed him.

Bigg Boss announced that the first level of the task is completed and asked the contestants to tell the count of their coins. As the second part of the task, the housemates will wear a velcro jacket. The contestants should throw the killer coins on others. By the end of the buzzer, if the contestant has the killer coin, his coin will get reduced. Divi who got the lowest coins start the game. She threw it on Sohel and he threw it back on her. Divi again tried to throw it on him and Sohel got hyper shouting that they cannot target him. Amma Rajashekar also shouted at him and both of them had a heated argument.

The game started again and Monal had the killer coin by the end of the buzzer and her coins got reduced. Avinash sprained his leg during the game and the housemates take him to the emergency room. Monal who also got some scratches on her hand sat in the bathroom and cried loudly.

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