Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 38: Harika gets a haircut & Monal wears Jute dress

By - October 14, 2020 - 10:00 AM IST

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The episode started with the contestants dancing for 'Raju Atu Rani Itu' song from 'Falaknuma Das' movie. Akhil was seen talking with Divi about Monal. He said that he talked to her and said that it was her fault. Divi said that it all lies in the way she said it and both Monal and Abhijeet were at fault. As a part of Morning Masti, the housemates have to behave like Bigg Boss house items and should funnily express their feelings.


Sohel turned into a kitchen. Avinash acted like a bed. Akhil is the bathroom. Monal is the door. Avinash writes 'My Friend Divi & Avi Forever' on a tissue paper and gave it to Divi who laughs. While having a small conversation, Divi said that Avinash should not only make fun of everyone but should also be able to take it easy when someone else makes fun of him.


Abhijeet gave a friendly suggestion to Sohel to control his anger and the latter accepted it. Bigg Boss gave the captaincy task, 'Ami Tumi' and the housemates will get divided into two teams which are Ariyana Team Red and Akhil Team Blue with the following members. Ariyana Team Red: Abhijeet, Mehboob, Lasya, Avinash, Monal Akhil Team Blue: Harika, Noel, Divi, Kumar Sai, and Amma Rajashekar. Sohel is the Sanchalak. Both teams will get some gold coins.


The members should make as many deals as possible with Bigg Boss and spend coins. The team with the lowest coins wins and the members can participate in the captaincy task. Bigg Boss's first deal is that a male contestant should tear the clothes he is wearing into pieces and pay 10 coins. Akhil rang the bell and Kumar Sai tore his clothes.


As per the second deal, the teammate should pack all his clothes, items and keep it in the store room and pay 20 coins. Abhijeet completed the deal. As per the deal, a female contestant should cut her hair shoulder length and wear red by paying 25 coins. Noel cut Harika's hair and colored it red. The next deal is to carry the bag with one hand and stand till the buzzer rings for 20 coins. Kumar Sai did the task. The next deal is to mix all the ingredients given by Bigg Boss and drink it.


Lasya drank 2 glasses of a mixture of eggs, various kinds of sauces, and milk. The next task is to wear a jute dress and pay 20 coins. Ariyana rang the bell this time. Monal wore the jute dress.

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