Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 43: Kumar Sai Evicted & Dropped Bigg Bomb on Amma Rajasekhar

By - October 19, 2020 - 09:04 AM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna's dance with the 'Hey Machi' song from 'Premam' movie. Nagarjuna divided the contestants into two teams and Noel as the 'Sanchalak'.

Team A: Harika, Akhil, Sohel, Kumar Sai, Amma Rajashekar, Divi

Team B: Monal, Abhijeet, Lasya, Avinash, Ariyana, Mehboob.

Abhijeet and Divi played a game where they had to burst the balloons. Divi won the game. Harika and Monal played arm wrestle and the latter won the task. Lasya and Akhil threw balls in the bucket and Lasya won the task. Avinash and Kumar Sai had to play with the ball and the latter won it. Mehboob lifted Ariyana and Sohel lifting Harika and ran. Mehboob won the task. The final task is a tug of war and Team A won the task. With the highest number of winnings, Team A won the task. Akhil and Divi entered into a safe zone.

The housemates then danced with some props as a part of the task. Abhijeet and Harika danced with umbrellas, Lasya and Akhil danced with a toy baby. Amma Rajashekar also danced with the toy. Monal and Sohel danced with a belly dance prop. Mehboob and Divi danced with chairs. Nagarjuna asked both Monal and Kumar Sai to pack their bags and come into the confession room. While packing her clothes, Monal said that the housemates hurt her today. Nagarjuna asked Kumar Sai to come out of the house and Monal to stay in the house.

As a part of the tasks, Kumar Sai compared Ariyana with an onion. He compared Avinash with a banana and Akhil with curry leaves. Kumar Sai asked him to play well but Akhil gave a counter that he is still in the house even with that behavior. He compared Cabbage with Noel, Divi with a pineapple, Lasya with Corn, Abhijeet with Cucumber, Sohel with peanuts, Harika with brinjal, and Mehboob with a boiled egg.

Monal goes back into the house and everyone became happy. Bigg Bomb is to clean bathrooms for a week and Kumar Sai gave that job to Amma Rajashekar.

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