Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 47: Avinash Becomes Captain And Dictates Rules

By - October 23, 2020 - 09:59 AM IST

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The episode started with Abhijeet asking Amma Rajashekar about nominating Noel. Amma Rajashekar said that Noel deceived him whereas Noel tried to convince that he is just standing by his promise. However, the spat became a fight. Later, Lasya consoled Noel saying that Amma Rajashekar has always been like that and will never accept his mistakes.


The next day started with the contestants dancing to 'Seetimaar' song from 'DJ' movie. Akhil and Monal were talking funnily. Monal said that she is married and her husband is a multitalented personality who works in all industries and also runs so many businesses. She added that she is pregnant but she travels with him everywhere as he cannot live without her.


Bigg Boss gave captaincy task, 'Bandi Toyyara Babu'. Both Ariyana and Avinash have to convince the housemates, make them sit on their trolley, and go to their station. At one point, both of the contestants have 5 passengers each. So, Bigg Boss said that the participants can convince the passengers in the opponent's station and get them on board for their station. Mehboob, Harika, Divi, and Amma Rajashekar come to Ariyana's side whereas the rest went into Avinash's station making him the new captain of the Bigg Boss house. Avinash appreciated Ariyana's hard work and said that he wants to make her the ration manager. Everyone supported him in this decision. Bigg Boss gave a small puzzle task for the housemates. Later, Avinash said that there will be some punishments for the contestants if they don't follow the Bigg Boss rules.


Bigg Boss gave an option to Ariyana that she can either select ration this week or Abhijeet's clothes. Ariyana asks if Abhijeet won't get his clothes for the entire season, then she will sacrifice ration this week. But, as Bigg Boss didn't reply, Ariyana selected the ration and apologized to Abhijeet.

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