Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 49: 'Blockbuster' Premiere Night in Bigg Boss House!

By - October 25, 2020 - 01:29 PM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna standing at a picturesque location in the Himalayas and saying that he is at the Himalayas standing 13000 meters above the sea level and enjoying the beautiful climate. Nag said that he has to shoot 21 days for 'Wild Dog' and it is so good to shoot after 7 months.

The new day started with the contestants dancing to 'Paisa Vasool' song. Bigg Boss announced the 'Blockbuster' movie premiere tonight. Ariyana acted as the host and interviewed the heroine of the film, Monal, Makeup woman Lasya who attended in a retro avatar, item song dancer Sohel, Avinash, and Abhijeet. She gave juice bottles to Monal, Sohel, and Avinash.

Bigg Boss premiered 'Prema Modalaindi' movie. The movie opened with Emotional Star Monal as Shravanthi who is head over heels in love with her college mate Angry Star Akhil but feels bad after seeing Loud Star Ariyana as Subhashini getting close to Akhil. Then entered Avinash as Subbalakshmi's relative Edukondalu. He proposed to Subhashini but the latter scolded him claiming that they have two different personalities and goals and can never be together. Then, Mehboob misbehaves with Subhashini who called out Edukondalu. Edukondalu comes to the rescue and gets beaten up. Shravanthi witness this and approached them. Just when Mehboob is about to beat Shravanthi, Akhil stops him and beats him up. Monal calls the cops and Mehboob gets arrested. 

Subhashini understood Edukondalu's unconditional love for her and apologized to him. Akhil and Shravanthi became happy seeing them together. The duo has a romantic moment and when Shravanthi asked what kind of girl he wants in his life, Akhil said that he wants a girl who understands him and be with him. The movie first half ended with Mehboob in jail saying the story has just begun. The second half started with Shravanthi and Akhil deeply in love. Subhashini calls them and said that Mehboob got released from jail.

Sohel and Harika danced to the 'Kevvu Keka' song. Mehboob entered the scene and tried to kill Shravanthi. But, Akhil rescued her. Edukondalu reveals the good news that he is going to marry Subhasini soon. When they ask about their marriage, Akhil asked Shravanthi to call them for their wedding indirectly proposing to her. The movie ended on a happy note.

Lasya and Sohel hosted the Bigg Boss Star Awards. Best Actor went to Avinash. Akhil received the All-Girls Heart Throb award. Monal won the Dream Girl award. Ariyana bagged the Mirchi award. Amma Rajashekar got an Outstanding Choreographer. Lasya got the Best Stylist Award. Noel received the Rocking DOP award. Mehboob received the Best Body Villain award. Divi got Special Jury Award and Abhijeet received the Best Upcoming Director Award. Harika got the Item Raani award whereas Sohel received the Item Raja award.

Amma Rajashekar and Divi danced for 'Chengavi Rangu Cheera' song, Mehboob and Lasya danced for 'Elluvochi Godari' song, Ariyana and Avinash danced for 'Swathilo Muthyamantha' song. Sohel and Monal danced to 'Aresukoboyi' song. The episode ended with all the housemates dancing to 'Bangaru Kodipetta' song.

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