Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 54: 6 Members In Nominations For 8th Week

By - October 27, 2020 - 09:00 AM IST

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The episode started with Abhijeet, Akhil, and Lasya talking in the kitchen and Bigg Boss rang the buzzer. Bigg Boss sent Abhijeet's clothes because of Samantha's special request and Abhijeet became extremely happy and thanked Sam and Bigg Boss. The next day started with 'Rattalu Rattalu' song. As a part of Morning Masti, Akhil wrote positives and negatives about Abhijeet and Monal wrote about Mehboob.


Noel, Abhijeet, Harika, and Lasya were having a conversation. Noel said that on the occasion of Dussehra, Monal wanted to talk to Abhijeet and Noel said that she can do whatever she wants. However, Abhijeet said that there was no misunderstanding between them and she deceived him. Bigg Boss started the nominations process. The contestants have to take a hammer and break two photo plates of the housemates they want to nominate. Avinash is safe from nominations as he is the captain of the house.


Lasya started the nomination process and nominated Amma Rajashekar and Monal. Akhil nominated Ariyana and Amma Rajashekar. Mehboob nominated Ariyana and Monal. Avinash nominated Lasya and Harika. While nominating Lasya, Avinash said that the reason is her behavior in the kitchen matters. Lasya tried to clarify the misunderstanding and Avinash stopped the conversation by apologizing to her. Harika also gave her clarification to Avinash. Amma Rajashekar nominated Akhil and claimed that Monal had a clash with Abhijeet only because of the conversation that took place between Akhil and Abhijeet during nominations but Akhil is now talking with Abhijeet but is not trying to patch them up. However, Akhil argued and said that he never told Monal to stop talking to him and was shocked to listen to such stupid reasons from him. Amma Rajashekar also tried to point out Akhil's behavior after Kumar Sai's nominations. But, Akhil also argued that Amma Rajashekar can't take negative words about him. The duo lashed out at each other. Amma Rajashekar also nominated Lasya.


Ariyana nominated Mehboob and Akhil. Sohel nominated Ariyana and Amma Rajashekar. Abhijeet nominated Monal claiming that she should not have lied to him. Abhijeet nominated Amma Rajashekar. Harika nominated Ariyana and Mehboob. Monal nominated Mehboob and Lasya. Monal became emotional and cried while nominating and said that everyone should stop talking about her, Akhil, and Abhijeet. Bigg Boss announced that Akhil, Monal, Ariyana, Mehboob, Lasya, and Amma Rajashekar are in the nominations this week.

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