Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 52: Bigg Boss House Becomes Daycare Center!

By - October 28, 2020 - 10:01 AM IST

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The episode started with Monal talking to Akhil about the nominations. Akhil asked why she didn't clarify her issues with Lasya even though she asked her. Monal cried and said that she was not ready to talk at that time and she also didn't understand why Abhijeet is nominating her. Akhil asked her to clarify the misunderstanding between them. But as Monal said she cannot anymore, Akhil said he will try to do it on behalf of her and approached Abhijeet.

Akhil asked Abhijeet to talk with him and Monal. But, Abhijeet said that he is emotionally charged and it would be better for them to talk tomorrow. Sohel tried to explain to Amma Rajashekar about the reason he nominated him and the latter cried. Monal kissed Avinash on the forehead. Avinash screamed with joy and yelled that the real A is Avinash. The next day started with the 'Chinnari Ponnari Kittayya' song.

Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget task, BB Day Care. The housemates will get divided into the kid's team and caretakers team.

Kids team: Ariyana, Avinash, Mehboob, Harika, and Amma

Caretakers: Noel, Sohel, Monal, Abhijeet, and Akhil.

Headmistress: Lasya (Sanchalak).

The caretakers should babysit the kids' team by entertaining them and make them study. Every time a kid cries, the caretaker should change their clothes and diapers.

The kids and caretakers are teamed up as:
Amma Rajashekar-Abhijeet

Sohel while talking to Lasya in the washroom said that his kid is very dangerous and is exhausting him. Monal asked Abhijeet to talk to her after the task. Abhijeet said that he doesn't want to talk and they were better this way. Monal insisted and Abhijeet accepted to talk to her after the task. Harika stole Ariyana's slate pencil. Ariyana dragged it from her injuring her.

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