Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 56: Noel gets send-off & he picks up argument with Avinash & Amma Rajase

By - November 01, 2020 - 07:08 PM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna flying all the way from Kulumanali to Hyderabad. He entered the Bigg Boss stage with 'Aa Gattununtava' song from 'Rangasthalam'. On Friday, Bigg Boss gave Preethi 2.0 task in which the housemates will get divided into two teams which are the girls' team and the boys' team. Abhijeet and Mehboob are food tasters. The girls' team has to cook Palak Paneer and Salad. The boys' team has to cook Paratha and Prawns curry. After preparing the food, the food tasters will taste the food and announce the winners.


The boys' team won the task. Nagarjuna said that he brought Kulu traditional wears as gifts for the housemates from Kulumanali and asked captain Ariyana to give them. Nag asked Akhil and Sohel to come to the confession room and showed them some videos of Akhil, Monal, Sohel, and Amma Rajashekar. Akhil apologized to Sohel. Nagarjuna called Monal to the confession room and showed a video of Abhijeet, Lasya, and Noel and said that sometimes people around us will also create disturbances for us. Nag showed the video of Amma Rajashekar to Ariyana and said that he helped her only with an expectation.


Nagarjuna gave a task to the housemates and asked them to give a villain crown to the housemate who they think is like a villain in their journey. Akhil gave the crown to Abhijeet. Sohel gave it to Ariyana. Amma Rajashekar gave the villain crown to Abhijeet. Harika gave the crown to Mehboob and Mehboob gave it to Harika. Nagarjuna asked Avinash to act like his mother is Ariyana and he should ask chocolate from her. Avinash gave the crown to Lasya. Lasya gave it to Avinash. Ariyana gave the crown to Akhil. Abhijeet gave the villain crown to Amma Rajashekar. Monal gave it to Lasya.


Akhil entered the safe zone. Nagarjuna said that unfortunately, Noel has to leave the house and to give a proper send-off, he invited Noel onto the stage. Noel said that he developed ankylosing spondylitis in the first week of Bigg Boss itself and has been experiencing severe pain ever since. Nagarjuna said that Noel is out of the game to the housemates who became sad. Noel asked Amma Rajasekhar and Avinash to stand on one leg for some time and started talking with others. Noel said that he wants his friends Lasya, Abhijeet, and Harika to stay till the end and he is only going out to make them even stronger. He also encouraged other housemates.


Noel said that Avinash and Amma Rajashekar can stand normally. Both said that their legs hurt and Noel said it is very less when compared to the mental harassment he faced because of him and said that it is very bad of them to make fun of his pain. Avinash screamed at him and said that Noel had decided to make them bad before going. Abhijeet tried to say that Noel didn't get a chance to get a proper send-off. Nagarjuna also backed Abhijeet saying that all the contestants who leave the house have the right to say their opinions. Both of them apologized to him. The episode ended with Noel announcing that Lasya is in the safe zone.

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