5 Contestants In Nomination This Week

By - November 02, 2020 - 03:02 PM IST

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None of the housemates got eliminated this week as Noel Sean got out of the Bigg Boss house because of some health issues.  Amma Rajashekhar was supposed to get eliminated this week but got saved.


On the other hand in today's episode, the nomination process is going to take place. As per the information received from some exclusive sources, it is known that Monal, Abhi, Harika, Amma, Avinash got into the nominations this week. It seems like each and every contestant should break an egg on the contestant they want to nominate as a part of the task. 


The promo of the episode also showcased that Abhijeet and Amma Rajashekar got into a big fight during the nominations. We have to wait and see which contestant will get eliminated this week. Also AmmaRajashekar became a direct participant for the captaincy task this week.

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