Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 65: 6 Members In The Nominations

By - November 10, 2020 - 09:55 AM IST

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The episode started with Mehboob, Sohel, and Ariyana talking about Amma Rajashekar's elimination. Ariyana also became emotional and started crying. She came in front of the camera and said that she cannot stay in the house anymore and requested Bigg Boss to eliminate her. The next day started with the housemates dancing for 'Massu Maranam' song. Monal and Abhijeet are seen enjoying the nature. Mehboob who is the captain sent her to the jail as Bigg Boss asked her to talk in Telugu.

Bigg Boss started the nomination process and said that every Housemate should break a glass on the head of the contestant they want to nominate. Avinash is safe from nominations this week. Mehboob nominated Ariyana and Harika. Avinash nominated Harika and Monal. Sohel nominated Ariyana and Abhijeet. Abhijeet nominated Sohel and Ariyana. Akhil nominated Abhijeet and Ariyana. Lasya nominated Ariyana and Mehboob. Monal nominated Ariyana and Mehboob. Harika nominated Ariyana and Mehboob. Ariyana nominated Monal and Sohel.

Sohel and Ariyana had an argument again during the process when Ariyana nominated Sohel. Abhijeet also got upset with Akhil nominating him. Abhijeet, Sohel, Ariyana, Harika, Monal, and Mehboob are in the nominations this week.

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