Bigg Boss Telugu 4 : Episode 66: No Captain In Bigg Boss House

By - November 11, 2020 - 10:11 AM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing for 'Lux Papa' song. Bigg Boss gave the 'Aakhari Ball' task as a captaincy task for the housemates. Every housemate should take other housemates ball and drop it in the basket. The last housemate's ball to fall in the basket will be out of the game. The housemates got teamed up and started the task. Lasya, followed by Monal, Avinash, Harika, Ariyana, Abhijeet got out of the game. 


Sohel, Mehboob, and Akhil are the last three. Sohel backed out as he became the captain once. But Akhil and Mehboob were discussing who should win. As the duo were still discussing even after the buzzer rang, Bigg Bos called off the task and said that there is no captain in the Bigg Boss house this week.


As none of the trio won the ask, Sohel got angry. Akhil also became very angry and started yelling why Mehboob didn't give him a chance. He also complained that both Sohel and Mehboob haven't helped him once. Sohel asked him not to add his name as he has backed out. However, Akhil didn't cool down and blamed both Sohel and Mehboob. Though Mehboob tried to explain, Akhil didn't listen to him. After a huge discussion and a fight, Akhil hugged Mehboob, and Sohel and the trio got back together again.


The episode ended with a shocking call from Bigg Boss that all the housemates should pack all their things into the suitcases.

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