Bigg Boss Telugu 4: Episode 71: Heated Arguments During Nominations

By - November 17, 2020 - 10:00 AM IST

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The episode started with Sohel complaining about Harika and her words to Akhil who said that they shouldn't give so much lenience to others. The next day started with 'Naluguriki Nachinadi' song. Ariyana, Akhil teased Avinash by calling him Uncle. Sohel and Akhil were talking about Abhijeet, Lasya, and Harika's words about them. 


While having a funny conversation, Abhijeet said that he cooks well but didn't want to cook for everyone as he has special hands. Lasya and Harika said that they will reveal the secret to everyone. Bigg Boss congratulated Akhil for becoming the captain who picked Lasya as the ration manager. Akhil divided the workload among the housemates. He also told about the punishments said that there are no specific punishments as he will give them at that time only. He said that they will double their workload if Bigg Boss gives the announcement more than twice. 


Nagarjuna sent mutton in the ration and the housemates got super happy. Bigg Boss started the nomination process and said that every contestant should nominate two housemates by stabbing in the heart. Akhil started the process and nominated Abhijeet and Harika. Abhijeet and Akhil had a heated argument. Both said that they don't want to talk to each other anymore. Ariyana nominated Abhijeet and Lasya.


Sohel nominated Harika and the duo had a heated argument.  Sohel also nominated Abhijeet. Lasya nominated Ariyana and Monal. Harika nominated Monal and Sohel. Monal nominated Lasya and Avinash. Avinash nominated Abhijeet as well as Monal. Abhijeet nominated Ariyana and Sohel. Interestingly, Sohel and Abhijeet also had a fight. Abhijeet, Harika, Monal, Ariyana, Lasya, and Sohel. Harika and Lasya were seen talking about Sohel and his words.

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