Monal Says, Ippude Modalayyindi!

By - November 24, 2020 - 04:24 PM IST

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It is really a game changer episode for Monal Gajjar, who has become one of the strong contestants in the Bigg House, all because of Akhil Sarthak’s shocking comments against her ex-friend.


After Akhil’s ‘advise’ Monal Gajjar finally finds her true friend, and she is expecting good relations with Abijeet and his followers. On the other side of the coin, fans of Abijeet have started voting for Moanl Gajjar, who has landed in nominations for this week’s elimination.


Meanwhile, PR team of Monal Gajjar also has started massive campaign in social media by saying ‘Ippude Modalayyindi’.


As per the latest trends, it is very easy for Monal Gajjar to get saved from this week’s elimination.

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