Abijeet Shocked With Monal Game Plan?

By - November 25, 2020 - 05:37 PM IST

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Once again Monal Gajjar has extended her support to Akhil Sarthak in Bigg House, but Akhil hasn’t saved from this week’s nominations. Meanwhile, Abijeet has learnt a big lesson again from Monal Gajjar.


It is known that Abijeet had good relationship with Monal Gajjar earlier, but he has realized that Monal has a dual personality and he then maintained some distance with her.


However, after the statement of Monal’s mother regarding Abijeet (Abijeet is my favorite contestant – Monal’s mother), Abijeet has changed his game plan about Monal Gajjar and tried to build friendship with her.


But, after the latest episode, Abijeet realized again that Monal is always a big supporter for Akhil. Finally it is just a game and Monal is playing ‘double game’ wisely.

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