Again, Monal Saved By BB, But Why!

By - December 05, 2020 - 04:12 PM IST

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Monal Gajjar again was saved by Bigg Boss, but why? Many have been pouring questions via social media. As per the latest gossips, Jabardast Avinash was evicted this week from the Bigg House and it will be telecasted tomorrow.


When compared with Avinash, Monal Gajjar is a very dull contestant in the Bigg House. Even though she is a glamorous actress, still her work in Bigg House is not up-to the mark, when it comes to comparison between Monal and Avinash.


The only reason, Monal Gajjar has been staying in the house is nothing but ‘pulihora’ between Abijeet and Akhil, many of Bigg Boss viewers are saying.


We have to wait for the drama of Bigg Boss this weekend show. 

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