Rajinikanth not to launch his political party!

By - December 29, 2020 - 01:11 PM IST

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Superstar is a huge sensation in Tamil Nadu, and he is considered as demi-god by his fans and many people in the state. Ever since he started discussing his political entry with fan groups, his fans worldwide have wished him all the success and wanted him to achieve new heights in the political arena as well. After contemplating for several months, Rajini officially declared that he will announce his political party on 31st December and launch it in January-2021.


Unfortunately, he had to exit politics even before announcing his entry. Yes, it is known that the 70-year-old Superstar was recently hospitalised after he fell sick while shooting for his next film in Hyderabad. Given his unstable health condition, doctors suggested he get more rest and avoid any kind of pressure. A political life is not easy, it required him to spend extra hours, involve in discussions and attend public gatherings. Considering the doctors' medical advice and his fragile health condition, Superstar had a change of mind and made it official that he will not enter politics.


Apologizing to his fans and people for breaking the promise, Rajini has released a press statement on Tuesday. In his statement, Rajini went on to state that he will serve people without entering electoral politics. Fans who never wanted him to join politics are quite happy with his decision and they say, “he will always remain as Thalaivar in our hearts”.

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