Bio-Pic On Sonu Sood, On The Way!

By - January 01, 2021 - 02:50 PM IST

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Actor Sonu Sood is known for strong negative roles as he has portrayed them in many films in different languages. However, in the Corona Pandemic situation, the image of Sonu Sood has changed completely. He is now the real Super Star of India, and Son Of India.


Yes, Sonu Sood is real hero and off course he is the Demi God for many poor people, who have got smile on their face with the help of the actor. Meanwhile, an interesting gossip has come into circulation, which says one of the Tollywood producers is planning a Bio-Pic on Sonu Sood and the project will be announced very soon.


However, Sonu Sood is not in a mood of promoting himself as ‘Real Hero’ and he is doing his ‘work’ to help people in his style. We have to wait some time to know complete details about Sonu Sood’s Bio-Pic.

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