Being Sexy Is Just A Cinematic Term!

By - January 22, 2021 - 04:00 PM IST

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The Controversial queen of Indian cinema is none other than Kangana Ranaut. The Bollywood sensation is known for controversial statements and films. However, the actress says that he never runs behind controversies, but they happen without her involvement. The stunning beauty has made some interesting comments regarding sex-appeal on screen and of screen.


“Being sexy is just a cinematic term” Kangana Ranaut said. “When I feel that I’m beautiful, it may look sexy to others. It depends on others' mindset only, not with our body” Kangana Ranaut added. It is known that Kangana Ranaut is currently busy with a couple of prestigious ventures, but without showing glamour. When questioned about de-glamorous roles, “We have to show our talent, when challenging roles come to us. I’ve to prove myself whenever good scripts come for me” Kangana answered.

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