When Lavanya addressed Sandeep Kishan as a brother

By - March 02, 2021 - 09:22 AM IST

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Hero Sundeep Kishan who is in dire need of a proper hit at the box office is all set to test his luck with his upcoming movie 'A1 Express' which is going to get released on March 5th. Lavanya Tripathi is playing the female lead in this movie. As the movie is going to be the first-ever hockey based film in Telugu, the expectations are sky-high on the film. The movie is going to be very important for both Lavanya Tripathi as well as Sundeep Kishan.


Recently, during the pre-release event, Lavanya Tripathi called Sandeep as a brother by mistake. Though she tried to cover her mistake immediately, her comments went viral on the internet. "This movie is close to my heart. During the Covid, we have worked really hard for the film. Coming to Sandeep Anna," said Lavanya and tried to cover it up claiming that it's not correct to address the hero as a brother.


"He is a brother for you all but not for me," added Lavanya Tripathi. However, video of Lavanya Tripathi is now trending on the internet.

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