Manchu Manoj to get married again?

By - March 07, 2021 - 01:30 PM IST

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Manchu Manoj is one of the talented actors in the film industry. After the divorce, the actor did not reveal anything about his next step in his personal life. He announced a new movie and was occupied with the works of the same. However, there are rumors that the actor is getting married again.


Interestingly, a news website reported that Manoj liked a girl and he is planning to get married to her soon. Manoj's family members have given their consent for the same. However, Manoj has given a counter to the same in a sarcastic manner.


Marriage is a personal affair and it is up to Manoj to decide on the same. Manoj did not like the way the news was reported and wrote, "Dateu timeu kuda meere chepaiandi" by sharing screenshots of Brahmanandam from Jathi Ratnalu trailer.

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