Bigg Boss Telugu Ep 3: Captaincy Task Fails to Grab the Attention

By - September 08, 2021 - 10:09 AM IST

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In the third episode, Bigg Boss introduced the captaincy task in the house. Named 'Sakthi Choopara Dimbhaka', the task failed to create an impression and hardly grabbed any attention.


The following are the major highlights in the house: Priyanka Singh shared her journey with her fellow inmates about how she changed her gender.


'Side Side Side Please' is the song played in the morning.


Bigg Boss introduced the captaincy task, Sakthi Choopara Dimbhaka, and gave a brief about the Power Room. Maanas and Vishwa grabbed access to the Power Room. Vishwa chose Priya and Ravi as part of the task and they sacrificed all their clothes. Later, Maanas got access and he picked Kajal because of which she will have to sacrifice her sleep!


Lobo expressed his displeasure over the inmates that they are keeping clothes unattended in the bathroom.


Vishwa became emotional during the task of remembering his deceased brother.


Lahari picked up a fight with Kajal saying that Kajal is hyperactive in the house. Lahari also mentioned that Kajal is trying to create content but Kajal did not agree to the same. The argument did not meet an end because of which Kajal had become emotional.


Siri Hanmanth and Lobo staged an argument to create content but it did not end on a positive note.


Anne Master also tried to show her aggression for a pointless issue with Jaswanth Padala. She lost her cool against Jaswanth over a point. Jaswanth too lost his cool and displayed attitude.


Tomorrow's Episode Lahari will pick up a fight with Hamida.

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