Bigg Boss: Episode 13: Sunny Sent to Jail!

By - September 18, 2021 - 10:22 AM IST

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On Friday episode, Bigg Boss house is full of activities but none of them has created an interest for the viewers. The following are interesting segments of the current episode: RRR first single is the wake up song of the day. The inmates are asked to pick the best and worst performers of the week.


After considering multiple opinions, the inmates collectively picked Natraj Master as the best performer and VJ Sunny as the worst performer. Bigg Boss sent Sunny to jail until further notice. The luxury budget task also involved a unique activity where each inmate will have to reach the garden area to catch the balls that come out of a pipe.


A few inmates were successful in grabbing it while a few tasted failure. Later, RJ Kajal and Ravi turned news anchors in the house to tell about the happenings in the house. They sought the opinions of the male contestants about female contestants and also vice versa. In the end, Sreerama Chandra and Hamida danced for Manohara song!

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