Bigg Boss: Ep 18: Contestants Get Married!

By - September 23, 2021 - 10:00 AM IST

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The Wednesday episode in the Bigg Boss TV show is the continuation of the earlier episode. The task Hyderabad Ammai America Abbai was completed successfully on Wednesday. Not much entertainment is generated in the episode and the following are some of the highlights in the episode.


Maanas tried to convince Lahari that she should not marry Sreerama Chandra but marry him. Shanmukh receives a marriage proposal from Priyanka. Maanas also tries to cook up a plan by teaming up with Shanmukh and Lobo that Lahari's marriage should not take place with Sreerama Chandra. Hamida tried to convince Sreerama Chandra that they should get married.


Anchor Ravi is assigned with a secret task to steal Priya's jewelry. He should not reveal it to anyone and if he wins, he will get to participate in the captaincy task.


Shanmukh opined that Siri's game is changing and he should start distancing her.


Shanmukh accidentally discusses how Swetaa will slap paint on the faces of contestants as a joke and she was hurt. She got emotional and took her time to come back to normalcy. Shanmukh apologized to her but she seems to be hurt.


Lobo became emotional as he got reminded of his family members.


With Sreerama Chandra's marriage with Lahari, the task has come to an end.


There is a discussion between the groups about who will become the best performer in the Bigg Boss house.


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