Bigg Boss Episode 19: New captain in the house

By - September 24, 2021 - 10:28 AM IST

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Bigg Boss announces that Ravi is also a captaincy contender as he has successfully completed the secret task given to him. Sreeram, Jassi, Ravi and Swetha are the captaincy contenders. Bigg Boss has given "Swim Zara Swim" as the captaincy task. Jassi completed the task first and becomes the captain. Jassi appoints Shannu as the ration manager.


Siri tries to talk with Shannu but he avoids her. While talking to Kajal, Siri says that Shannu has been avoiding her and is only spending time with Swetha and now he is saying that she is not talking to him. She claimed that she is feeling lonely if Shannu is not talking to her. Siri sits alone and cries.


Bigg Boss gives "first love" task to the housemates. The housemates have to write the name of their first love on a balloon say their story and leave the balloon into the air.


Shannu shared that he loved a girl for 5 years but was devastated because of the breakup and he diverted himself with acting and dancing.


Siri said that she eloped with a guy but went back to her house again because of her mother. She added that the guy she loved passed away because of an accident.


Viswa, Ravi, Anne, Nataraj talked highly about their life partners as they have been supportive. Priyanka said that she loved a guy named Ravi. But when asked about marriage, he flipped out and said that she is not a girl and she can't become a mother which is why he cannot marry her.


Jassi said that he loved a girl but she blocked him and added that he is still single and ready to mingle.


Priya said that a guy loved her and married her but they parted their ways. Maanas said that he loved a girl but the entry of a guy named Aditya created problems for them which is why they broke up.

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