Bigg Boss S5: E23: 8 members in nominations

By - September 28, 2021 - 10:00 AM IST

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Monday is for Nominations in the Bigg Boss house. On Monday, the contestants generated drama during the nominations. Among the 16 contestants in the house, 8 members are placed in the nominations.


Nominations segment: Priya nominated Lobo & Sunny. Vishwa nominated Ravi & Natraj. Lobo nominated Priya & Siri. Sreeram nominated Swetaa & Anne. Shanmukh nominated Ravi & Lobo. Kajal nominated Natraj & Sunnu. Siri nominated Anne & Lobo. Maanas nominated Lobo & Natraj. Swetaa nominated Lobo & Ravi. Hamida nominated Lobo & Natraj. Natraj nominated Vishwa & Ravi. Priyanka Singh nominated Lobo & Kajal. Ravi nominated Kajal & Natraj. Anne nominated Sreeram & Siri. Sunny nominated Kajal & Priya. Jessie nominated Pinky & Ravi.


Jessie is the captain of the house and he was exempted from the nominations.


Key Highlights: Lobo is extremely unhappy with Priya for commenting that her love story is a cinema story. He shouted at Priya badly and lost his temper.


Natraj master too overacted while arguing with Vishwa, Kajal and Ravi. Natraj even delivered film dialogues and twisted his mustache.


Ravi apologized to Priya and Lahari. He said that he feels ashamed to face everyone in the house.


Nominated Contestants: Lobo, Natraj, Sunny, Priya, Siri, Anne, Ravi, and Kajal

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