Bigg Boss telugu: Ep 31: BB Rajyam in Progress

By - October 06, 2021 - 10:40 AM IST

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Tuesday is for the task in the Bigg Boss house. After the successful completion of the nominations on Monday, Bigg Boss introduced the task on Tuesday. The following are some of the major highlights of the task.

Sreerama Chandra tried to convince Jessie and Shanmukh to eat the food. However, they did not come forward. He tried his best and gave up. Anne master who was in charge of the Kitchen department too tried to convince them but they did not listen. In the end, they did not complete their food. All the three skipped the dinner. Sreeram who wants to eat only after everyone ate also skipped the dinner. Hamida too skipped the dinner.

Later, anchor Ravi and Lobo were teased by RJ Kajal. Sreeram shifted Ravi and Lobo to the kitchen team. Kajal joked that Ravi and Lobo did not do anything in the kitchen in the month. Lobo could not take it and has shown a middle finger to him indirectly. Later, Ravi also picked up a fight with Kajal. When she observed Lobo's reaction, Kajal confronted him. Lobo apologized later. Ravi said that he could not take the fun when Kajal dragged it beyond a point. He thinks Kajal crossed all the limits. But, Kajal still thinks that it is funny.

After that, Bigg Boss introduced BB Rajyam in the task where Ravi and Sunny are seen as the Prince in the house. The inmates are citizens and can support whoever they want to. At the end, who is left with a maximum of the gold coins will be the winner of the task.

Before the task commenced, Jessie, Shanmukh, and Siri planned to steal the coins. Bigg Boss is yet to warn them and we have to see who will win the task in the end.

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