There is no ATMAA: Prakash Raj

By - October 12, 2021 - 07:04 PM IST

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Ever since Prakash Raj submitted his resignation from the primary membership of the Movie Artists Association (MAA), there are reports that Prakash Raj is going to start a new association called All Telugu Movie Artists Association (ATMAA). However, Prakash Raj has given clarity on the same.


"I came across posts that I am going to create ATMAA. But for once and all, I am giving clarity here that we are not going to start any ATMAA. I came into the elections for the welfare of the artists in the association. There is no idea to create any separate association with my 11 members," said Prakash Raj.


Prakash Raj also confirmed that he wants to give freedom to Vishnu so that he can bring in all his panel members to his team for the welfare of the Movie Artists Association (MAA).


Prakash Raj, Srikanth, Tanish, Anasuya, Sameer, Prabhakar, Banarjee, Jeevitha, Hema, and others from his panel took part in the press meet.


A total of 11 members (3 office bearers and 8 executive members) submitted their resignations.

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