Bigg Boss Telugu: Ep 39: High on Emotions!

By - October 14, 2021 - 10:00 AM IST

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BB House lo Bommala Task was in progress in the current episode as well. The contestants played their part well to get a chance to become the captain. The following are the major highlights of the episode.


In the first round, the score is as follows: Blue: 11, Yellow: 10, Red: 7, and Green: 7


With the special power they acquired, team Green grabbed the toys made by team Blue.


However, Anne from the Blue team tried to grab the toys that are being secured by Swetaa from team Green. Anne almost attacked Swetaa physically. Swetaa confronted but Anne tried to defend herself. Later, Anne told that she does not want a relationship with anyone in the house. No one expected that Anne and Swetaa would engage in a fight like that. Swetaa cried for sometime.


Team Green also has a second power. Ravi was discussing the same with Swetaa.


Priyanka became emotional after talking to Maanas. Maanas told that he will always keep others in limits and will not let anyone cross the boundaries. Priyanka asked him if she crossed boundaries and if she is playing game well.


Boochade is the wake up song.


Sunny is extremely angry on Sanchalak Siri as he did not like her putting the rules while taking the raw materials at the conveyor belt. Sunny shouted at Siri for some time and later provoked her too.


Kajal displayed her cunning skills by saying that she will cross check the count of the toys accepted from Green team. She us building strategies to make sure that Ravi does not win the captaincy task.


The score of the second round is: Blue: 6, Yellow: 2, Green: 3, Red: 3


During the task, Priya picked up a fight against Siri and Kajal, who are Sanchalaks. Since they started to implement a new rule in the Bigg Boss house, she decided to fight it. She posed questions and found out flaws in performance of Sanchalaks, asking, "Sanchalaks em peekutunnaru?"


The score of the third round is: Red: 3, Green: 3, Yello: 3, Blue: 5


Ravi is trying to influence others in the house by gaining support against Kajal that she should not become the captain of the house.

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