Bigg Boss S5: E42: Lobo sent to secret room!

By - October 17, 2021 - 10:07 AM IST

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The current episode in the Bigg Boss house revealed the audiences about the secret room in this season. For the first time in the Bigg Boss TV show, in the fifth season, the secret room has been introduced. The following are some of the major highlights of the episode.


Bigg Boss ended the punishment time for Swetaa. She has come out of jail. Later, she spoke to Ravi about the issue they had during the task.


The inmates participated in the South India Shopping Mall sponsored task and did the ramp walk.


Kajal sat down with Ravi telling him that she is not able to forgive. They spoke and tried to sort out their issues.


After starting his interaction with the inmates, Nagarjuna discussed some points from the task. He confronted a few and appreciated a few.


Nagarjuna spoke about the issue involving Swetaa, Ravi, Lobo. Nag warned Lobo and Swetaa to not repeat the mistakes they did. He asked them to not violate the rules in the Bigg Boss house once again. He also found out that Ravi is a liar and he is the reason for their disqualification. He also spoke to Sanchalaks Siri and Kajal, asking them to play well.


Nag advised Siri to listen to others when they are trying to say something. He appreciated Sunny for playing well and also expressed happiness for Shanmukh not getting influenced by others.


Nagarjuna also pointed out that Anne was wrong in the issue with Siri.


Later, Nag asked the inmates to come to the confession room and asked them, "Which contestant is unfit in the Bigg Boss house,"


Sunny, Kajal, Vishwa and Lobo picked up Priya's name. Anne, Shanmukh, Swetaa and Siri picked up Lobo's name. Both of them got 4 votes each.


In between the two, the final decision has been left to the inmates. Vishwa, Sunny, Ravi and Kajal stood with Lobo. The rest of the house stood with Priya.


Nagarjuna then announced that Lobo is going to get evicted from the house and called him to the Bigg Boss stage.


In the end, Nagarjuna revealed that Lobo was not eliminated and the audiences saved him.


Lobo has been sent to the secret room!



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