Bigg Boss S5: E48: Sunny becomes the captain!

By - October 23, 2021 - 10:00 AM IST

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The new episode witnessed the new captain of the house. At the same time, the inmates played a task sponsored by Colgate. The following are some of the major highlights of the episode.


Colgate smile cheyandi, start cheyandi is the task played by the inmates. According to this task, the inmates will have to share the best moments of their life by giving a proper conclusion about their smiling moments. Priya shared about her resettlement life while Siri shared about her career progress. Jessie shared his struggle and Shannu revealed about his breakup phase where he even tried to attempt suicide. Lobo told about how being different is important.


Jessie won the task and he received the gift from Siri and Shannu. He requested the same. Since the three failed to perform well in the captaincy task, he wanted to bring back smiles in their camp by taking gifts from them.


I wanna follow follow you is the wakeup song.


Lobo tried to influence Sunny that he is behaving as per the instructions of Maanas. Lobo indirectly told that Maanas is influencing Sunny and he should be careful about the same.


Captaincy task: Maanas, Ravi, Kajal, Vishwa, and Sunny took part in it. All five members have balloons. The contestant whose balloon will stay intact will be the winner of the task.


Vishwa was out of the task first. And then, it is Maanas, followed by Kajal and Ravi. Sunny has become the captain of the task.


During the task, Vishwa pushed Priyanka while grabbing a pin with which he can help Ravi win the task. However, Vishwa denied pushing Priyanka. Both argued for some time on the same.


After becoming the captain of the house, Sunny made an attempt to put an end to the misunderstanding with Priya. Everyone in the house is happy to see Sunny as the captain of the house.

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