Bigg Boss Episode 50 Highlights: Priya is eliminated!

By - October 25, 2021 - 10:03 AM IST

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The episode started with Nagarjuna's entry with the 'Chitti Nee Navvante' song.


Nagarjuna starts the knock-out task and engages the housemates in some fun tasks.


In the first task, the housemates have to catch the pillows. Shannu gives up his pillow to Siri and gets knocked out along with Kajal.


Nagarjuna asked some film-related questions and Jessie got knocked out by saying the wrong answers.


Priyanka and Maanas also get knocked out in the round of the same questions.


Ravi, Lobo, and Priya get knocked out in filling the bucket with pool water task.


The remaining housemates play musical chairs and Siri gets knocked out.


Sreeram, Viswa, and Anne are left where they have to bring an object of the color picked by Nagarjuna. After 2 rounds, Sreeram gets knocked out.


Both Anne and Viswa played the hats task and Viswa's hat falls first making Anne as the winner.


For winning the task, Anne gets a superpower along with the award. But, the superpower is yet to be revealed by Bigg Boss.


Nagarjuna asked both Priya and Anne to bid goodbyes to the housemates and enter the rooms arranged in the garden area.


However, Anne returns to the house and Priya gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.


Nag asked to rate the housemates. Priya gave 5 to Lobo and Viswa. Ravi got a 7 and both Shannu and Siri gets 8.5. Priya gave an 8 to Sreeram and 100 to Priyanka. Priya gave an 8 to Jessie, 7 to Kajal, 10 to Maanas, and 9 to Sunny.


As the worst performer, Viswa goes into jail.


Ravi said that Lobo broke his heart by giving harsh statements about him in the confession room.

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