Bigg Boss Episode 69 Highlights: Ravi is the new captain!

By - November 13, 2021 - 10:05 AM IST

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The episode started with Ravi apologizing to Kajal. He gives her money back and requested her to make his job permanent.


Anne gives head massages and piggyback ride to Sunny.


Bigg Boss announces that the 'BB Hotel' task is completed.


The next day started with the 'Oosaravelli' song.


Anne picked Shannu as Prestige Kitchen Champion this week.


Bigg Boss announces that guests are the winners and Ravi has completed the secret task successfully.


Bigg Boss asked the staff team to disqualify two persons from the guests. They pick Maanas and Priyanka as the worst performers.


Priyanka screams that everyone is targetting her for silly reasons.


Bigg Boss gives 'Tower lo undi Power' captaincy task. The contenders have to build the towers and protect them.


Kajal tickles Anne during the game and the duo argued.


Sunny's tower falls because of Priyanka's saree.


Siri stops Sunny and the latter scream at her. Shannu comes in between and gets into a heated argument with Sunny.


Kajal tried to interrupt and Anne argue with her.


Maanas says that doesn't know if what Priyanka did was intentional or not.


Ravi wins the task and becomes the new house captain.

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