Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 80: Final captaincy task

By - November 24, 2021 - 10:05 AM IST

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Bigg Boss TV show is currently in 12th week. There are currently 8 members in the Bigg Boss house. Maanas is the captain of the house. Currently, the last captaincy task of the season is in progress in the Bigg Boss house. The following are the major highlights of this episode.

The episode began with a conversation between Sreeram and Kajal where they discussed the nominations process. Both argued on the points they made during the nominations. Kajal said that Sreeram also played as a group, by supporting Anee but he has a different point to make.

Bigg Boss then announced the last captaincy task of this season. Bigg Boss placed a throne in the garden area. The inmates will get a chance to sit on the throne. Later, the others will play the tasks and the least two will face an elimination challenge. The inmate who sits on the throne will decide who will stay in the game and who will be eliminated.

1st round:
Siri on the throne.
Task: Caps task
Eliminated: Sunny
Safe: Ravi

2nd Round:
Sreeram on the throne.
Task: Chappal sticking
Eliminated: Kajal
Safe: Ravi

3rd Round:
Ravi on the throne.
Task: Collecting Oranges
Eliminated: Maanas
Safe: Shanmukh

4th Round 4: Pinky on the throne.
Task: Water filling
Eliminated: Sreeram
Safe: Shanmukh

In the fifth round, Pinky is back on the throne and the game is yet to be over. It will be continued in the next episode.

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