Bigg Boss: Episode 88: Ice Task becomes risky for inmates

By - December 02, 2021 - 10:00 AM IST

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Bigg Boss TV show is in the 13th season and the Ticket to Finale segment is in progress. The second day of the Ticket To Finale is currently in progress in the Bigg Boss house. The following are some of the major highlights of the episode.


Sunny and Shanmukh exchanged their positions and started to play the game. However, during the game, Siri bagged a ball from Sunny's bucket. Sunny got angry and he stopped standing in the ice cube and focused on Siri. Since Siri wanted to protect her balls, she stood in ice cubes and resisted unimaginable pain, which in the end, caused her injury. She went to the medical room and took support. She had band-aids on her feet.


Not just Siri but Pinky, Sreeram, and Shanmukh also went to the medical room. In the end, Sreeram too could not sleep with unbearable pain. Unknowingly, Pinky poured some warm water on Sreeram's feet to relieve him from pain but it backfired. Later, Sreeram went to the medical room and got bandaids on his feet.


In the Endurance challenge, Sunny is in the lead and he won the task. Sreeram, Siri, Maanas, Kajal, Shanmukh and Priyanka scored the next places.


The next challenge is the test for focus. As part of this, the inmates will have to individually calculate 29 minutes while the others will distract them. They should not lose focus and ring a bell as soon as they calculate the time. The inmate who will calculate time exactly or approximately will be the winner. The result is not declared.

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