Bigg Boss Telugu: Episode 89: Elimination in Ticket to Finale

By - December 03, 2021 - 10:01 AM IST

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Ticket to Finale is the interesting segment taking place in the Bigg Boss Telugu TV show right now. According to the task, the inmates will face multiple challenges. Already, they faced two challenges and the following are the major highlights of the episode.


Shanmukh and Kajal argued over the way they are playing the game. Shanmukh said that Sunny did not play the first challenge well as he did not try to disturb Kajal's game and Maanas' game. Kajal denied it saying that everyone played their game. Shanmukh did not accept it and on the same topic, they debated for a while.


After that, Bigg Boss announced the result of Focus challenge. Maanas is the first and Sunny is the last.


The next challenge in the house is the test for accuracy.


There will be water in the barrels. Bigg Boss arranged slopes, arranged with jars filled with balls. The inmates will have to pour water on the slopes and make sure the balls come out and will fall on the ground. The inmates who will finish it fast will be in the first place.


In this challenge, Maanas came first again while there was a tie between Shanmukh and Sunny. Sunny won the tie breaker.


Finally, Priyanka, Kajal and Shanmukh are eliminated from the Ticket to Finale.

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