Shocking: 100 Crores for Just Climax

By - January 26, 2022 - 03:59 PM IST

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RRR is one of the most exciting films in recent times. The film that was supposed to hit the screens by now is yet to hit the screens. Most likely, the film will release on 18th March. Meanwhile, we are hearing reports that the makers of RRR have spent around Rs 100 crores just on the action sequences which form the crux of the film in the climax portion.


Since RRR is a war drama, the climax and pre-climax of the film are heavily loaded with high-octane action sequences which are shot lavishly. The producer did not compromise in spending a bomb on the movie. The climax and pre-climax together will constitute 40 minutes duration and huge money went into the making of the same.


If not March 18th, RRR will release on 28 April.

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