Samantha's shocking response to 'exposing' remarks

By - March 12, 2022 - 10:47 AM IST

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Samantha is one of the star heroines in the Telugu film industry. The actress recently attended a photoshoot where she exposed her body. However, she received a lot of trolling and criticism for the same. Samantha, however, gave a strong counter to the trolls with a lengthy post.


“As a woman, I bear firsthand knowledge of what it means to be judged. We judge women based on what they wear, their race, education,social standing, appearance, skin tone and the list goes on and on. Making snap judgements about a person simply based on the clothes they wear is quite literally the easiest thing one can do. Now that we're in the year 2013" can we finally stop judging a woman based on the hemlines & necklines she adorns and focus instead on bettering ourselves? Turning that judgement inward and training it on Turning that judgement inward and training it on one's own is evolution! Projecting our deals on someone else never did anyone any good... lets's gently rewrite the way we measure and understand a person," she wrote on her Instagram story.


On the work front, Samantha is awaiting the release of Shakuntalam. The actress is also working on the film Yashoda.

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