Bigg Boss Episode 27 Highlights: RJ Chaitu becomes the captain

By - March 18, 2022 - 10:06 AM IST

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The episode started with the housemates dancing to 'Talabadi' song. Ariyana says that she is hungry and she wants coffee. When Nataraj and Akhil refuse, Ariyana exploded and fired on the housemates. She also scolded Sarayu for knowing where is the coffee powder but not bringing it to her. Sarayu and Ariyana argue with each other. Bigg Boss revealed that the decisions till now were made only by one person and asked the housemates to guess that person.


As only 4 housemates Ajay, Ashu, Chaitu, and Hamida guessed it right, Shiva and Ariyana apart from these 4 contestants become the captaincy contenders. The housemates got their sugar and spices back. The contenders have to successfully complete some tasks to win. They have to pick a housemate and make a cup pyramid on them. Bindu is the sanchalak. Shiva, Chaitu, Ashu, Hamida, and Ajay got into the next round. The next task is that the contenders have to pick the colored and shaped blocks. Ariyana is the sanchalak.


Hamida, Chaitu, and Shiva won the task and moved to the next round. Ashu cried and Akhil consoled her. The last task is that the contenders should pick a housemate to hold the pillar for them. Sarayu is the sanchalak. Chaitu becomes the new house captain. Chaitu announces that Hamida will be the new ration manager.

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